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libyan-italian relations
Mar 31, 2021

Italy is back on ‘the bella strada’ towards a genuinely democratic Libya

Libyans speak of positive and healthy vibes coming from across the pond. 

Gabr Aoun Lake , Libya
Mar 12, 2019

Libya’s only bridge towards stability

Libya should be a prosperous country. It’s a major exporter of oil and natural gas and is blessed with a strategic location and a small homogeneous populace. Unlocking such potential, however, requires stability. An objective which, over the last eight years, has eluded domestic and international efforts due to the absence of one essential ingredient.  

Jun 7, 2018

Bad Neighbours

When the announcement came from Misrata this Sunday about an agreement reached between its Municipal Council and the Local Council of Tawergha, it revived hopes of Libyans across the country that it will finally end the suffering of Libya’s internally-displaced people of Tawergha. Four days on from that announcement Tawerghans remain in inhumane conditions including the dozens of families fasting Ramadan in the desert camp of Qararat al-Qatf.  

cnn migran slave market
Dec 16, 2017

CNN’s Other Controversial Video About Libya

We have all seen the international outrage over Libya’s alleged slave markets which was sparked by a report by CNN’s Nima Elbagir after she disguised as a migrant and used a concealed camera to record what she said was a slave auction.

CNN and Fayez Serraj
Nov 28, 2017

Serraj and CNN Must Come Clean About Alleged Libya Slave Markets

The serious allegations made by American broadcaster CNN on 17 November about the existence of several modern-day slave markets in Libya remain shockingly unaddressed by Fayez Serraj’s UN-backed government.

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