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Abu Omar Awbari
Mar 14, 2021

The Libyan National Army arrests Islamic State commander in Awbari

The Libyan National Army (LNA) today said it had detained a prominent Islamic State commander during a security operation in the southern border town of Awbari.

libyan unity government
Mar 14, 2021

Meet Libya’s new unity government: a balanced collection of technocrats

The Libyan National Unity Government Abdulhamid al-Dubaiba, prime minister Influential liberal businessman from Misrata. Uniquely on good terms with all components of Libya including old regime loyalists. Independent, liberal and nationalist with good relations with Libya’s Arab and African neighbours. Exceptionally close to Turkey thanks to his strong ties to Ankara’s influential construction lobby which he forged during his longstanding tenure at the helm of Libya’s pre-2011 construction sector. His Misratan background won him Qatar’s consent as well as the consent of Muslim Brotherhood...

erdogan irini
Mar 6, 2021

Turkey prevents Irini vessels from inspecting suspicious Libya-bound cargo ships

For the third time on record since June 2020, the Turkish government stops EU vessels enforcing UN arms embargo from inspecting two Libya-bound cargo vessels

SCK agency libya
Feb 16, 2021

Turkish freight operator sparks outrage and inflation fears in Libya

A Turkish freight handling company sparked outrage among Libya’s business community after enforcing a $620 fee for each imported shipping container.

erdogan irini
Nov 23, 2020

Erdogan interrupts inspection of ship headed to Misrata

Turkey’s Muslim Brotherhood regime continues its defiance to the rules-based international order by blocking the inspection of a Turkish cargo ship headed towards Libya's western port city of Misrata (200 km east of Tripoli).  

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