Mohamed Niss

Mohamed Niss

Still on the Loose: Libya’s Most Dangerous Jihadists - Part II
Tuesday, October 23, 2018

More violence?

Tripoli Braces for Hurricane Igtet
More violence?
Islamic State Attacks Misrata

Loud explosions were heard this morning across Libya's western port city of Misrata as two Islamic State militants launched an attack against the city’s Courts Complex.

IS fan pages said the militants have stormed the building and starting firing inside using AK-47s before firing at least one rocket-propelled grenade (RPG). One of the attackers then went upstairs where he blew himself up in the building’s second floor. Aamaq Agency, IS central’s media arm, quoted an IS “security official” as saying that the attack was carried out by “Ingimasis [suicide fighters] of the caliphate”.

Islamic State claimed responsibility.

Initial reports said at least 4 people were killed and 21 others were wounded. Local sources expected the number of casualties to rise.

Misrata lost over 700 fighters between August and December of last year during a US-backed campaign on Sirte which led to driving the Islamic State out of their capital in North Africa.  

UPDATE: The two Islamic State militants were said to have arrived at the Courts's Complex in a tinted-window car. Local sources claimed that the attack occured as trial of IS militants was taking place in the same building. An eyewitness shared a video (below) that captured the first few moments of the attack. Photos shared on social media showed damage caused by the attack.

UPDATE 2: Aamaq Agency released the statement below which has identified the two Inghimasis [suicide fighters] as Abu al-Baraa al-Muhajir [Eng: the immigrant] and Abu Jaafar al-Tunsi [Eng: the Tunisian] which suggests that the attackers are foreigners of whom at least one is Tunisian national.

Islamic State's media arm identified the two attackers