Sabratha theatre

Sabratha’s Counter-Daesh Operations Room accused Anas al-Dabbashi militia of violating a ceasefire agreement brokered by the Red Crescent earlier today to allow the evacuation of civilians caught up in the fighting in the city centre.

Sources said the ceasefire was supposed to last for three hours, from 11am to 13am local time. “One of our fighters was killed and 6 others wounded after the militias exploited the ceasefire by launching a sudden attack on our positions,”  the Room announced on its Facebook page.

Eyewitnesses from Sabratha told our website that a multiple flyovers were conducted over the city around midday by unidentified aircraft. Yesterday we reported that officials at LNA’s al-Watya Airbase have been considering targeted airstrikes against the Dabbashi militia over reports that it’s being backed by fighters from the Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council.

Sabratha Theatre hit by RPG. Photo: Facebook

After the fighting intensified last night, the city’s mayor issued a statement calling on elders from Sabratha and other cities to intervene to put an end to the violence. The city’s Roman theatre, one of Libya’s main World Heritage Sites, was hit yesterday by a rocket propelled grenade according photo (above) posted on Facebook.