Turkish media outlets yesterday reported that a Turkish Air Force Lockheed C-130B (callsign TUAF222) had landed at the Turkish military air base in Misrata coming form Istanbul, adding that it was escorted by a squadron comprising three KC-135 aerial tankers, one A-400M transport plane, one E-7 Peace Eagle AWACS and multiple F-16s jets. The same sources said that that the aircraft was carrying batteries of Hisar-A, Hisar-O and S-400.

According to the same sources, the Turkish military had also deployed batteries of MIM-23K Hawk and Ukrainian-made S-125-2D air defence systems to the Turkish military air bases in Tripoli and Misrata to deter attacks by MiG-29s and Su-24s that had been recently acquired by the Libyan National Army.

And in a further alarming escalation, the Turkish outlets have confirmed the deployment of two F-16s to the Turkish military airbases in Misrata and Mitiga.